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Drone Photography by DAVA

Drone Photography and Drone Videography

Droning AViation Australia offers the following views and comments with regards to the Drone Photography, Videography and Aerial Still Photography industry:

The art of Drone aerial videography and still photography, is not necessary a new concept, however, it is a relatively new awareness within the consciousness of the general viewing and buying public.

The acceptance and the public willingness to embrace this different medium has gone leaps and bounds over the last few years.  The expectation of having a minimum of some Drone aerial photography included as the industry standard, has now become the norm.

Versatile, Cost Effective Drone Photography

The versatility and the cost effectiveness of using Drones for aerial photography, makes this medium very attractive, not only to professional film and video makers, but to the general public at large.  The amateur film and video maker is now able to access very professional state of the art Drone photographic equipment, at the fraction of the price.

Technological advances in Drone photography aircraft in recent years allows the average person to become a more competent aerial movie maker or aerial still photographer.  This was unthinkable as little as five years ago.

Achieving high class standard videography and aerial still photography is now within the reach of the amateur film maker, let alone enhancing the skills of the professional.

The reliability in being proficient and capable in the art of Drone film or video or still photography, has never been more encouraging and satisfying to the amateur let alone the professional, than it is now.  The time to embrace this still relatively new technology and medium is now far more accessible and within the financial reach of many more people, making this a very attractive way to capture the world of photography from a very different and interesting perspective – with Drone Videography and Aerial Still Photography.

With this in mind, Droning AViation Australia Photography has current market capable droning aircraft supporting 4K 60fps videography and 720p HD still photography.

Licensed, Capable, Creative in flying & filming = Quality & Competiveness

Our pilots are CASA licensed, capable and creative in their flying and filming skills, consistently delivering a fully professional and highly competitive quality product, each and every time.

Droning AViation Australia (DAVA) offers the following services:

  • Aerial Still Photography by Drone
  • Drone Videography
  • Infrastructure Inspections – Government or Private
  • Asset Management and Aerial Information Gathering
  • Spotting and Surveillance Tasks

For further information on Drone Photography and Videography, feel free to contact DAVA  today!